Thursday, December 17, 2015


Today... on 6.45 pm I just let my self to finished everything.. Even everything is like a mess. Missing the day when everything Under the bridge since Auditor India comes and now by Mba Sellah's maternity leave impact... But today.. Mas A give an opportunity to "leave it by "tango" ala goverment employee and prepare earlier tomorrow morning. Hiaaa so happy.

After magrib prayer... Im not choosed gojek because my body feeling unwell.. Oknum Y just finished and suggested us to go home by commuter line.

When in kopaja. There was two girls as street singers.. one of them put the hands with tattoos and looks so girly. She used braces and hair extention, completely fashionable with black glasses in her head. 

Oknum Y said, "cantik ya, tapi sayang ya pergaulannya." (Yes she is beautiful, unfortunately her circle is not)

The second girl as street singers, looks more fatty "fat" (yes me too) even fashionable. Used eyebrow and gray long shirt. Their voices is not bad.. When they done with their duties.. Every passengers in kopaja give them cent from 500- 2000. The most important thing. They keep it halal. They should work in agency even with tattoos :P

I thought every women should believe: They are beautiful no matter what they used it and added it. I am one of insecure make up... But nor the price. When I was in Kokas (Kota Kasablanka near Kuningan) for the fourth times I realized something.. I always to Kokas just saw around the fashion bazaar and Ikudoichi Ramen is the must. But.. there was so many fashion stores. I couldnt believe there was many items for women to havin a good and best items which is happening on today. So many ripped jeans. A white shoes.. And many more...

In office, I couldnt believe that I didnt know about newest fashion with Mas T and korean girls who update everything with "pricetag" . I didnt know the ripped jeans. The white sporty shoes. the white sporty with led shoes ( Ididnt knew it will be useful or not). I didnt know the newest hangout places... But I knew so many movies (thank you God lol)

But.. When you didnt know about that didnt worried it. You just have your own style. My mom always said. Please Bella.. Make your money more useful than bought newest clothes. My mom always warning me. She said is more useful to bought a gold.. Hmm she just oldfashioned woman and never want my money bought some clothes for her. She just want a cake :) I heart you Mamah. #salahfokus

I love bought clothes with the discount moment I will bought it (Even Books discounts is seem more delightful than fashion discount). No matter what.. A beautiful definition is not something about "persona" "looks so good in your fashion. Also reminder us... Allah swt loves people with tidines not because your pricetag. But sometimes.. If you allow your self to reward it. It's so ok (please boundaries your self girls) :)

The most important thing from beauty are both your inner and outer. Inner to have a smile, joy your life, and good attitude. dont let the ads is pressure you. The white is no more beauty if ads will brainwash it with black. Rite?

Be a nice is one of indicator to burn the "persona" Im not trying or pursue women to be a nice. You just be a nice because you want get feedback or the same treatment from people. Nice is allowed.. But you are not too good... Balance it well. Sometimes.. Be a bitch is allowed (I havin fun with the words of bitch, sorry girls)

From Outer is tidines. Our smile. Our happiness. Our flatshoes. Our little things like a red or pink lipliner which is make us feel confident. Both of them should to fulfill your self. It will works ala Dian sastro or your chelsea islan.

Then remember... The first to trying feel beautifulness around your self is love your self first.
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