Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beasiswa Afirmasi LPDP

Di tahun 2014.. Sehabis pulang dari seminar bidik misi yang diadakan di hotel Bidakara selama dua hari itu. Mengingatkan memori yang mungkin rasanya… nyesss.. I remember that day… I got an email invitation from Depdikbud to extent the postgraduate program. But.. in the end body of email there only for those who has finished their bachelor degree.. I felt sad… I am just only… from academy not a bachelor degree.
However.. My gloomy mood is just only statue in a couple days. Fulfilled with busy female single fighter accountant at O made that feelings runaway as soon as my month end regular comes.
So… I trapped in the feeling happy again. I also remember when breakfast at second day at Hotel Fave when the seminar still continue.. I met one of humble buddies from Makassar, lets call her Siti. Siti told to Kharisma and me to continue our degree with BPPDN or LN. BPPDN is a career to be a lecturer and having a commitment to the goverment after graduation to be placed in the region or suburb city around Indonesia. After oknum S told her dreams becomes as a lecturer… My dreams continuous to be as a my best self as I wanted…. to be entrepreneur or the best accountant in the world (ketinggaaaaaan banget yak waktu itu kalau dipikir pikir) I propose to God. I want achieve my dreams and let me joint in NUS.. National University Of Singapore (masih ketinggian banget) I remember I write down… I did surfing in google about NUS is the best creator MBA in the world top rank university for accountant. Maybe why I still choosing NUS because merry riana leave in Singapore too (dulu impian ini kacau sekali.
Anyway.. Oknum S continues with the serious and smart face, “But your university should has akreditasi A (marked with A).” So thats why the asal mula or the beginning of all my reason to choose Mercu Buana University.. Even.. it’s very unpopular than UI (yes, of courseeee only ITB and UGM as a comparison) and UP or Perbanas or Trisakti. And murah also it’s cheap with so many isntallment in every month after you get your salary. Also it will so easy raising by commuter line from Depok. No needed bus/ angkot after the Gondangdia Station. Reach off by walk in very and very peaceful for pedestrian human.. So thats why I choose Mercubuana University. I thankful to God met so many hilarious people in the class. So in the day to campus you always smiling to others. They are always helping and reminder even so many tasks. And etc. I felt so thankful ya Allah.
So.. here I am.. Wanted to finished my journal quickly but lazyness is the best enemy which I ever had. I thankful to God too passed everything even with underpressure beside as a worker. I thankful to God having Kasya and Uci as the best one. I thankful to God for everything I have and feeling now.
So.. today… Ga disangka sangka. I met again Afirmasi Bidik Misi from LPDP which remember my mind about my old.. maybe so old dreams.. About nus and etc. About the high cost of UI for Postgraduate as much as 52 million in their site, if choose to continue this dream with my own pocket. I never want.. because I want my savings money as a worker useful to make a small business one day. I couldnt agree too.. why.. it’s so expensive cost? So.. the people who get master degree only a few people in Indonesia.. Which is they are too smart, so can applied a scholarship or They are too rich, because so confused… where the money to spent… Just kidding sik *istighfar
Unforgetable moment happen. I dont know is still continuous or not because this program only when SBY presidential era. So.. like a washes. Like an oasis. Like… I dont know to called it.. I can applied this afirmasi scholarship from LPDP. Even just applied.. I know the reality that.. kuliah S2 itu mahal banget. Continue my postgraduate program is not easy also the cost of this “investation” is so high… Also im not so genious.. But I have a dream and a motivation also pray from Mom and Dad.
The first you think is to try it first. No matter how hard it is. No mater what happened in the future. You only try… and pray. I hope.. this dream comes true. Bismillah ya Allah.
One step closer. If it was failed it’s ok to me.. At least.. I just tried it first. If I success with this scholarship. Ya Alhamdulillah.
I still remember oknum Y said to me not to continue my dream to achieve my Master degree.. I know his reason why and it’s totally true. But Im not afraid. When I met my spouse.. maybe is only as bachelor degree or post graduate degree or degree as entrepreneur outside the school.. having a degree or not it’s not the main problem. The first thing women to remember for their sake in islam is not to be choosen by the degree of dunya. But degree of iman and her husband will be as imam (leader). So.. Im not afraid. In my unborn in the past God already written about us each other.. I know.. it’s hard from me. almost my half age is only fulfilled by school. And my school is not my reason to hide the marriage… I just want to be a smart mom as my children first school (madrasah pertama untuk anak anaknya kelak) I know and you know: Marriage with the age is a unreasonable. But I just thankful.. When everyone wanted going to school.. but they didnt give that opportunity from God.. So here I am… With the full of dreams in my head.. And hopefully someday will be true.
and you know.. my new dreams is about you too. Be kind, healthy, happy and brave always ☺
Kung xi fachaii
Depok. 8 Feb 2016