Saturday, January 28, 2017

25th (1)

Tadinya mau ngepost di Insta. Namun karena insta kejam dan penuh kecaman tentang kerudungan jadi yaudah saya post di sini aajah..

17 years old cimahi. Dengan poni yang harus banget pada jamannya haha. Sometimes.. I look back on that pict and wonder what made me think that shirt was a good look. Now Im more fatty fat also blessings that is not a body shaming.. Just a reminder: do more work out 😅

2 days more get into a quarter life crisis stage begin. 25th. (Screaming, became older hiks)

Pas reunian oknum P bilang: Bella kayanya waktu SMA ga suka sama siapa siapa deh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 well, I already told the reason why I didnt have a boyfriend in 17 in previous post..Dont judge it. Im not a geek person ^^

In 25th.. now I realize to get into a relationship only if Im sure it's worth it and has a value for me :) #selfishyear it so be ok if this year I filled up with selfishyear things. It's so be Ok. If he come in this year too, at least I have been well prepared :)

Im blessing to God for everything.. now.. It's time to take my own finances seriously.. Close to nature.. Do more #solo #travelling hahha. Also a wonderful time begin this year ahead as follow through with goals and projects. :) Dont make it as a rush since many mistaken made and failure became the storms then. Enjoy :) Everything shall be pass. never earlier or too late.. Semua tepat pada waktu terbaikNya :) 

Worry ends when faith in Allah begins.. :)

Dont forget to live, laugh, love and learn as simple as that ;)

#quarterlifecrisis #nulisacakkadutt