Sunday, January 22, 2017

Qs Maryam 4

There was a wedding invitation (again) from a classmate in my college. Oji. He wasaap me in personal since a case of Advance of Accounting getting C marks by Pak Bayu in the past.. Unfortunately... My make up pouch is still in a kostan (aka dorm aka small rented room) so I should to buy some make up things or back to kostan. And finally.. I decide not to go to Oji's wedding in Salemba.. :(

Sacha stevenson. One of youtubers said in Indonesia rather to be a traveller than you go to wedding invitation every weekend hahaha an ugly truth :) Being a weekend traveller would be so happy rite? :) (But Im not going no where Sacha hiks)

So it's totally unplanned.. I decide not going to to Oji's wedding and still continue my me time weekend as usual. Im not to reject any dating.. or something like a casual dating. Just take a breath from many painfull things. Until I  love my self again. Until this painfull things already gone forever and away.. and Until I met someone that deserve my self and my precious time. A lesson from the past rite :) I dont care if all of human in this world include Mars Planet and alien will getting married. Has a beautiful or a cute baby also a weirdo (and cute too) baby for the planet Mars.. I dont care if I became older and older then my beauty dissapear and I hope my brain will growing. I believe there was someone who deserve this love because he can raise my standard, love me to fullest, and live everything to the fullest. And vice versa, so do I do to him.. I love this person to the fullest too. Not love the imagination about marriage and having a baby. That's why the reason we want to share the rest of our life together until jannah... Im not just a checklist things in both of our life. I just want he know that I love him so much without reason. Or just because he deserve it with a simple reasons such as he is so warm hearted, smart, and spread his kindness to everyone including me :)

I know. This one is trully a high expectation and an imagination. But.. who knows. Allah is the best planned for my life so far :) We will meet at the proper way and time. Never earlier or too late :) when I meet this guy. And I know we deserve each other and Allah knows that day is the best time for us.

Remember when (Nabi) Zakaria always praying to Allah and  feel many dissapointed.. Then Allah answer his prays :) Keep praying and believing.. Keep on the right track. We will meet one day..

Qs maryam : 4 said
He said, "My Lord, indeed my bones have weakened, and my head has filled with white, and never have I been in my supplication to You, my Lord, unhappy.

For now.. Dont be worry. I wil take care of my self. To the gym. Salon. Or travelling. Watching the most favourite movie in town alone almost a record my la la land movie alone lol. Will passed a graduation. Will learn taxation. Will be a consultant. As a traveller: I will Meet many new friends around Indonesia. See a smile from my parents about my career achievement. I know.. you deserve me than anyone. So do I.. :)

Keep going. You had many wonderful and amazing life then. Live to the fullest. Love your self to fullest.

-Salon muslimah. Setelah lama ga ke salon hampir 2 bulan yang lalu...
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