Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Buka Semangat Baru

After 2 months, ya, since 2 months ago, one of the deepest struggling life in my life. I dunno why, today is the most beautiful day I ever had, Thank you G & P who let me got 2 days off today even still working at home lol...

My plan is going to immigration at first day, then on second day I will go to Hause Rooftop (this is one of my simple life goals since last year) Even in the end.. plan is just a plan, I cancelled to the Hause Rooftop, but it's so okay :) Maybe next time with Windy hahahaha Windy lageee..

And today back to immigration, trx in Margo City, Running 3 k with the biggest smile I ever had :) and back to work at home..

I run with this song since yesterday, an old song but,, suddenly makes me so happy, so it''s repeatly in my Joox Playlist

A month ago, I remember, I met oknum A at a gym, one of my old friend in college. Then I realize my friend is now in a good career position, in a good attitude etc,, Allah opened my eyes once again that I shoud to focus with my value through my dreams and career.. Also realize in the office, I know people is not just from this country, many foreigners in here and looking in a good appearance. How lucky I am :)

So why I still sad if I can be happy and starting a new life:)  A move on process from a  girl could be totally different when we ask in  a guy perspective :) It's totally about feeling, and the bad one is about memories,. But.. I can't do anything except ikhlas and let it go...

But God, is never sleep: He reminder me that I still have :

I had many wonderful friends, parents, bro, sis and Windy and Aulia who always support me in any situation (up and down). I love you all beyond words :)

Also I had many wonderful dreams that I should reach and struggling with. And this year is my selfish year. Happy Selfish year bels not a valentine :)

Also finally, Allah show me about the truth in Quran... about a good man for good woman... and a bad man for a bad woman... 

In the end, I still have Allah :)

“Kita tidak akan pernah benar-benar kehilangan apapun, selama masih punya Allah.” My 14 Februari on 2013

So today is

Hari paling bahagia.

Hari baru.

Dimulai kembali ya Bell :) Alhamdulillah


5.13pm. Depok. 14.2.17