Thursday, March 30, 2017

Selfish Year March -Update

Meskipun tahun ini selfish year aku baru berjalan 3 bulan. I hope this is the greatest blessings and counting by all realistic moment that happened to me by today (hahhaa ga bisa jadi populasi, some of throwback moments will be part of this stories)

For simple example e.g today I have been attended in one seminar from Bank Indonesia. The room is remind me about one movie -Hunger Games. One of the part at the Capitol and let' s called it President Snow's "palace" lol. With full of Red Exterior, batik and also the most necesarry and classic goods is three chandelier in waiting room :)) I will upload later. Or you can check out them on my IG stories ✌ @bellacitradi

This seminar explained about Loan Agreement in foreign debt. Well.. I'd never expected that here I am to gain more value in my life instead of my career level.. I knew some people judge me "Ih lo norak deh baru kenal LLD." "Ih sombong banget gini aja dipamerin." I dont really care what people think about.. I am so happy to be there with all seminar participants. Even I knew in the end, will added my tasks and do some complicated report for the future.

In this seminar I met Mba Selfi. A manager that she has been reached this level at 30th. I am in 25th. When I see around the room.. I see a mam & pa. ✌Also the keynote speakers said "Bapak dan Ibu" How youngest am I.... #blessings I know this is hard.. But I enjoyed it. Instead I should bought "Aqua Galon" for office this evening. I am still finance and everything to grow together with this start up :))) Ahhh too lovely in life...

Also I have one friend. He is came from Google Malaysia and sit beside me. Not a cubicle partner since every desk is opened for everyone entire office. We will called him oknum F. Many friends called him Mr. Flat. Because he never put his emotions when talk, sad, or angry... hahaha. See it. How blessings. Even we cant to be proud by something that given to us.. It should to be our self that we should proud. Seems this one, a simple thing and made me so happy.. I bought an aqua galoon with Oknum B. Even it's already 6 pm, the suppliers of aqua galon didnt came even I already ordered on 4 pm.. B and I do something that we pursue to do that. In the end, I gave my self and him two bottles of instant cappucino as a reward. See it! the difference between them. One is we can't proud something given, seems friends, or clans, or your country, your parents. We should proud for something that we reached by our self. Sometimes when the circle has changed.. It's not changed at all. Wise man said :Dont close the opportunity. Makes so many friends as fast as you can. If you couldnt did it , still so OK. At least we knew a true friend is someone that never leave you in a hard situation... (a quotes from Ali bin Abi Thalib). I called gengges in Jualo. The team is made up by my self, Perry, Patrick, Ghea, Fajar, Reny, Windy, Michele, Olop and two that already left  Indonesia Fredo and Sophie. Every Thursday  we search local restaurant around blok M and Bulungan. I will update soon the images!

Also I already changed my club at Gancit. Reach-able.. so I can work out everyday now! Not just in the weekend yeayyy! With oknum M, Oknum F and me #celfitteam vs #FFteam vs #Jatomiteam for #Jualosehat #Jualoteam. Haha. I still fall in love with Zumba and body combat (pics later. Internet so fckin' slow gais)

And I bought a wonderful eye shadow from Beauty Story. New red lipstick by NYX. And made a scrummble egg and toast- bread in the morning vs nasi uduk mamah (not yet made). I will create some desserts with no bake or just freezer it. Found recipe by oknum G. Oreoo Truffle. I should tryyyyyyyy this weeeeeek. Even I know the first trial is not so lucky to be succeed. Hahaha.

And I've got a message from one of my friends when we meet at Mt. Prau, Wonosobo, Dieng, Central Java. I will try the craziest things in the end of April. How so many wonderful thingssssss begin now. And after get some news about Malaysia from oknum W I wondering that I can be travel alone on Next October :( Read many journals on google that Malay os not safe for woman... Akkk parno. Hopefully I will get travel mate on October 👐 pray for me gaissssss

And another checklist that I should do is bought many books about marriage and parenting. Storm in my head as I already read thriller books and deep in the emotions of Gone Girl and My Husband's Secret... Well.. many things could be well prepared!

And enjoy audit from E & Y later!!! #onemanshow


I hope you always happy even life is always struggle any time that you never expect before. Enjoy the struggle. Everything shall be pass!

#bersemangat #bahagia 😘
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