Friday, April 28, 2017


Not worthy as instgram post.. jadi masukin di blog lagi 😅😅
100 percent agree with an unknown quote that well said “You didn’t have a choice about the parents you inherited, but you do have a choice about the kind of parent you will be”

Now, I am starting this process since a month ago. Too late (and there was a reason behind) not yet as parents nor marriage 😂 with some judgements, "Ih you are still young Bells, have fun! Bells, why you are so odds!" Tapi ga apa apa.. At least ga apa apa fakir wifi ya Bells. Asal jangan fakir ilmu 😂

Okay, my first parenting book is Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Duckerman -new york times best seller 😍. But... It ended up suddenly at page 17.

Why? 'cause I couldnt found something called as solid material.. in my personal opinion: Pamela just covers every aspect of dealing with your children. I wonder.. It just an alternative how to be independent children and etc.. and only a method not as a basic and necessary things that I needed it now before confuse with other parenting books that proper to solve children "real" problems nowadays yet we can see them not just in televison but in real life too.

Remember when I was in elementary school. The subject of "Agama Islam" is focus only on the ritual aspects like praying, fasting and giving charity, hajj and etc. Forgotten the most solid material in Islam, Tauhid. That's made up off from three things: aqidah, iman, and ihsan (jadi selain ke Allah yang horizontal, habluminannas ke manusia juga suatu keharusan) Children will also learn about other basic in Islam: Knowledge Seeker (Inget kan yah ada di buku Hanum Rais dalam 99 Cahaya di Eropa). And reminder if one day they did something wrong, they already knew Allah is always watching them. Not because their parents warning it... This book is amazing, a best reminder for my self either to nurture "believing" again and again.

Opini ini murni subjektif dan ngasal. Ambil aja yang baik. Masih baru di halaman 90 juga karena pdf........ pegel kak.

Nurturing Eeman In Children. Dr Aisha Hamdan 
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