Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Heart Journey

It's 3.13 am... I already told before about short trip to Ujung Kulon.. and it cancelled due to the bad weather. 

So now.. I choosed plan B.Will had a trip to Sangiang Island. Stay in a home stay, build a tent and piknik piknik cantik has already gone 😆

Here the review  about sangiang Island

Sometimes.. at this moment (on this time too).. I told many things to God..  many bucket list on this quarter it's still not yet strike them on my note. My note is fill with many random things and always added and added new things everytime. The most random is going to sangiang island and said yes 😁 

Also last weekend I go to the Old Town randomly too. First destination is coffee shop: starbuck. Almost couple months I never sit in here :(. This place even with crowded people still  quite acceptable and ambience is really good, they also choose jazzy things through their music. Even many coffee shop in senopati in fact it's more nearer from my kosan, eg. tuku (best latte coffee) and hits place is Caribou. Starbucks Jakarta Kota still won my heart 💕

Sometimes.. when Im writing or travelling.. this stories told all about heart's journey. Im not reach goal to strike them in note. Or not in the mood to show off in IG. Making a new friends in a new place either in coffee shop, road and others. It's 1000 percent belongs to my own life journey. (Lebay) but it's true. I find my self peacefully when I went to Baitul Iman Mosque near from Museum Bank Indonesia. I found my self so happy when I ate si Unyil Es Potong (cheating even you are sick). Even just to gancit on Sunday Evening to another Starbucks (Too crowded here, Excelso in Gancit is better). Then saw their musholla, had a magrib and isya time here. Got a kindness mat sharing from Ibu Ibu (baik banget ibu) And Isya prayer together or jamaahan with others. Seems.. my ramadhan is earlier coming to this heart. Imam loudly read a long surah that I still didnt know what is it (poor me). And I  crying... 

I dunno why.. why am I crying? No reason.. And wondering then searching My prayer is still acceptable by God. ✌😅 (lebay lagi) 

Another goal has set as explained before.. it's about heart's journey and reminder me that Im not as a teenager again. Find my self peacefully is irreplaceable moment (s).

Happy to have this journey in my life!

4.13 am. 26.4 menuju gajian lagi input gajian haahha.