Tuesday, May 23, 2017



It's been a month that reward to my self as woman up cast in my life.

-single fighter for 4th big firm auditors

- my bells mini cake inshallah will release soon and colaborate with Jihad (Design and etc) Alhamdulillah..

- inshallah starting new month to re write my bachelor project.. (Almost hopeless)

- xero learner for inhouse accounting services

-lot to learn about to be good manager from my senior (sabodo weh urang katingali teu bisaeun, urang mah hayang to be financial savvy geus titik. oge, if urang did many mistaken, urang teh lot to learn too when urang still young, stop worrying bels #abaikan moal basa sunda atau english ieu mah 😂😂😂))

Well.. Manic for couple months still continue. semangatsss

Maapin urang nu nyampah weee di blog. Urang teu hayang nyeratan.. Tapi jadina teh nyeretan didieu weeeh. Maapin urang...