Sunday, June 4, 2017

Matthew Hussey

I had two best friends during in my life, almost 13 years since Junior Highschool, and I always mentioned both of them multiple times in here. Even we had many different personalities if we compare them each other.

A week ago on Thursday Night @ Nasi Padang Kebayoran Baru, Windy sent me a link that she can guarantee it will work in any situation to solve some men's problem in women's life.

She said and suggested, "I always listen him even in my car when I drove back to Depok."

I'm with flat reaction, "Hoo.. really Ceu?"

She continued, "The video that I sent to you is too long, you can see another short video that can help you with your own problems Bell, everything now in your mind that always be the question mark, will answer at the soonest Bell!"

"Hoo.. okay, I will take a look Ndy."

Now I just start questioning this man. lol. Who is he?

A man that can show a pro girl seems Windy (as far as I knew) already pro when she did "whatsoever you can called it" to a man. That she can patiently and faithfully heard his video until finish without boring (kan windy bosenan cuys) and might already subscribe him now. How could be this man prove that she still needed a direction and clueless about man? That in the end (might, it can be true or wrong, I hope it's true) I believe Windy is still looking Mr Right One who has big heart to win her heart on someday.😜

And.... His name is Matthew Hussey (he announced his self as woman advisor also a writer from a book "Get The Guy") *hiyuuh judulnya, padahal penasaran wkwk

Here below the video that you can watch, also you will never boring girls, well, he aslo as a good looking man :)) *salahfokus😁😁*

Well, I really appreciate her that wanted her bestfie to got another point of view (also added in her view, I'm in very basic level and less experienced with men) wt.! instead of I always said, "I cannot do that Windy, Im still ...

But.. in just 15 mnts.. Matthew Hussey is 1000000 % right.. both in his video right.. keep going even it hurts and walk away if in the end the person cannot worthy.

okay, but there was still 230 video more to get another point of you from Matthew Hussey!

Well.. besides how Matthew Hussey talked about motivational things and ways to get the direction in the relationship, Honestly, I'm feeling tired (now) of the idea of dating, how to understand it, how to understand man and etc. Lol, I thought the best idea from Matthew Hussey, for now, is only can be applied to the man that one day I can call him as home. #eaaa #menghancurkantulisanyangserius

I remember, a couple months ago, One day, I already said to Oknum A, Oknum N, and Rafi when discussed "I dont believe with Taaruf. Kayanya beli kucing dalem karung ga sih Fi,"

Rafi replied, "Apapun keputusan yang orang lain pilih kita kan ga berhak nge judge Bell :)"

"Hoo,, I'm sorry it's a kind of harsh judgements." 

Now, In the sick of dating, chatting, and etc, that still crossed my mind, I am still thinking how islam do a sacred rules through taaruf system. but... Im still learning..  how to believe in my self that taaruf is the best way for us later to called each other as home.

Windy now continued after ordered kerupuk kulit, she seems seriously hear what just crossed in my mind, "I just give you an advice but not in rush to get in touch with that, now, I want us more focus in our job rather than men, and reach my dreams come true one day. look at me, just give a sh*t fr those men who just acakadul my own career life!"




My cell phone shows pop message from Ciput.

I already resign from PWC to continue my study.

Then.. I just realize

How about my dream? How about my study? How about my self? How about my life? How about mom and family? How about resolution for doing more travelling?

Suddenly, Everything about Matthew Hussey and taaruf things was gone!

Cipulir. 4.06.2017