Saturday, June 10, 2017


Is it a good news or bad news?

taken 4 months ago... sudah gendut sekalii sekarang

Suddenly I take off my hijab @ ladies room on early morning in the office then met oknum G, we do our routine things aka ngelenong aka make up -an every day before starting any tasks in the office.

Well, this is G's first time met me without my hijab.

"Bel, you are pretty! You look more prettier without your hijab, I support you as a devil without your hijab for your daily look. Seriously!"

"Ahahaha (I dunno why I suppose to laugh reaction at that time)."

Then she continued, "It will get easier to get many guys if you take off now!" She is still in #devilteam

A decision, might almost 7 years ago before I go to the college life and wore this hijab is the hardest part ever in my life, It's true when someone argues with statement eg. "With or without hijab there was no guarantee for us to save from hellfire." But with hijab, I'm more blessed, because one day I knew the purpose of my future husband is not because; Bella is pretty, Bella is bla bla bla... or etc. and otherwise when I choose my husband with Dunya's indicator. As I knew, Sometimes... loving someone is better without reason and only because of their imaan, God guarantee us will get much calmer in life if we are on the right track, I have no worries nor afraid when everything was gone, when I'm not pretty again, when I m Fatty FAT! (hahaha) no more pop up a question in my mind, did he wants to leave me now? Otherwise, when he does not have much money again, did Bella will leave me now?

I'm not a goody person, but, G is exactly true, I'm prettier (if I compare to my self, not for other women yah hahha) when I take off this hijab (it's relative theory, but pedeeeee abis sih bell). But.. as the main reason, we are not just life in this earth, we also life for hereafter, and loving someone eternally until hereafter is the aim. That's why I still wore this hijab until now, to find soulmate as eternal love for hereafter...